I am an amateur woodworker living in Chesapeake, Virginia.  I lean toward “blended” woodworking.  My machines give me brute force and duplication abilities, while hand tools give me peace, quiet, increased safety, and connections with past generations of woodworkers.  More importantly, I can listen to music while I work with hand tools.

I served 6 years in the Navy as a mechanic aboard nuclear-powered attack submarines, and currently work as a radiological instructor at a Navy shipyard.

A major purpose of this blog is to provide a convienient list of websites run by woodworkers whose writing and furniture I respect.  Woodworking can be a lonely activity, so this site provides me with a connection to like-minded craftsman.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. John Sterling Says:

    Thank you for the link from your website to mine. Great work on the stickley dresser.

    John Sterling

  2. Christopher Lindsay Says:

    I like your work and I share your blended approach (hand tools/power). I build arts and crafts/shaker furniture with some experiments into my own designs. I’ll keep following your stuff and feel free to comment on my blog!

  3. Ryan Maslyn Says:

    Nice work on the Roubo, I’m thinking about building one this spring and I’m trying to determine which style I want (split or not). I’d like to stop by and check it out and get any advise you have with the SYP if you don’t mind; I’m in Great Bridge.

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