Sawbuck Table Part 5

The legs are connected to the table supports (table rails) with mortise and tenons.


The legs are rounded over utilizing a handheld router.  The roundover bit will not cut where the legs intersect with each other or the rails due to the diameter of the router bit bearing.  These areas are rounded over by hand using a chisel.



The top is glued up incrementally two boards at a time, run through the planer, then the sections are glued up to make the top.




Prior to trimming the top to size I could not resist the temptation to dry assemble the table and set the top on it to see how it looks.  Unfortunately woodworking is not my full time job; it takes a long time to go from drawn plan to completed piece, so this first glimpse of how a project will look is very satisfying.



2 Responses to “Sawbuck Table Part 5”

  1. Mark Lauer Says:

    I love the sawbuck table ! Can you tell me what you would charge to make one? I am very interested. Thank you.

    M. Lauer

    • amosswogger Says:

      Unfortunately I am very busy: I have a large dresser half-built that needs completing and then I have another commission waiting before I can take on any work.

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