Chair Repair Part 2

The most visible damage to the chair was actually the easiest to fix.  The broken off seat clamped up nicely.  I got a nice line of glue squeeze out with very little clamp pressure.  This  tells me there is good wood to wood contact in the joint (the excess glue is wiped off before it dries).

The tenon going into the broken off arm rail was epoxied back into place . . .

. . . and reinforced with a dowel inserted from underneath where it will not be seen unless the chair is turned over.  I try not to depend on epoxy alone.

I don’t like to depend on glue alone either, so I cut out dovetailed “butterflies” to reinforce the glue joint in the seat.  The butterflies will be inlaid across the joint on the underside of the seat.

The butterfly is traced with a knife and the material between the knife lines evacuated in order to receive the butterfly.  In the picture below I am drilling out most of the waste; the rest of the material will be removed with a chisel.

Chisel work.

The butterfly is glued and hammered into place and trimmed flush a with a block plane.   The blue rag is taped into place around the seat leg to prevent damage if I bump into it with the block plane.

You can see the outline of the butterfly below.  If you have room to get a trim router in to remove the waste, it is much faster then the drill.  Here I’m about to use a Colt with an upcut spiral bit to remove the waste between my knife lines.

I free hand route up almost up to the lines . . .

. . . and place a chisel directly in the knife line to finish removing the material.  Both butterflies you see below span the glue joint and penetrate into the seat about 5/8’s of an inch.


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