Jewelry Box

I decided to satisfy my urge to make a jewelry box by thumbing through a Doug Stowe book and as a result made this one out of sweet gum and walnut.  I used his basic design and dimensions, but I changed the interior and lid and added a false bottom.

I like the look of the sweet gum.  I have had it air drying for over a year now after paying to have milled, and it felt good to finally use it.  It matched the walnut surprisingly well.  I made the sliding tray out of it as well as the lid insert.

Sweet gum is strange wood.  It has interlocked grain and is difficult to hand plane.  As if to make up for that, it does scrape really well.  It machines well with routers with no “fuzz” and little tearout.  It is surprisingly hard, dense and heavy.  The whiter parts of the wood are not creamy white, but rather dirty white.  I do love the streaks in it.

The tray slides back and forth to reveal partitions underneath.

By removing the top from the base, a “secret” compartment is revealed.

Besides giving you access to the false bottom, removing the top from the base also allows you access to rearrange or remove the dividers to suit the items you desire to store underneath the sliding tray.


One Response to “Jewelry Box”

  1. kludge77 Says:

    Very slick!! A well executed box.

    I just got Doug Stowes DVD and was working on the first box last weekend. I hope my efforts are half as nice as yours!

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