My father and I went on a backpacking trip in Dolly Sods, West Virginia.   I highly reccommend this area for backpacking or day hiking.  And yes, this is woodworking related.  We saw lots of trees.

One of the nice features of this area is even in the summer, the temperatures drop at night. Even in July, my feet got cold the first night.  I wore wool socks while sleeping after that.

Any other backpackers out there?  Leave me a comment.


One Response to “Backpacking!”

  1. Steve Branam Says:

    Hi Amos, I’m a backpacker and woodworker. I do several outdoor activities in New England, mostly central Massachusetts and New Hampshire. In this area you have to learn how to deal with year round conditions, otherwise you’ll spend half the year cooped up, so I do rock and ice climbing, hiking, snowshoeing, paddling, and year round backpacking. I started when my son was six, then served as Assistant Scoutmaster and Scoutmaster for his Boy Scout troop. Now that he’s off to college, I take my daughter (who always wished she could be a Boy Scout so she could do that stuff!).

    Once you have the right gear, there’s nothing like winter backpacking. No heat, no bugs, and almost no people. You have the whole place to yourself. It’s challenging, hard work, adds 20 lbs. to your load, but very rewarding. What’s great fun is to build a snow shelter, basically a huge mound of snow that you tunnel out once it’s had time to set up, then spend the night in that.

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