Noelle’s Dresser

I made this dresser for my daughter, Noelle.  The design is Lonnie Bird’s.

Making moldings was a first for me, and quite enjoyable.  Shop made moldings have a crispness that storebought moldings lack.

Noelle likes it.

The obligatory dovetail picture.  I used soft maple for the drawers, and some of it was curly.

The moldings are attached on dovetail keys.  This gives strength and allows for expansion and contraction with the seasons. 

Lots of dovetails in this project.  This dresser is a dovetailer’s fantasy.

The back is shiplapped sweet gum; my first time using gum.  I bought it green and dried it for almost a year.

All the wood for this dresser came from the same tree, so the glueup on the side panels came out great.

MVP award goes to this tenon saw.  My LN dovetail saw was just not long or heavy enough for the big dovetails in thick stock.


2 Responses to “Noelle’s Dresser”

  1. Bob Easton Says:

    Simply fabulous! It’s easy to see that it was an engaging and satisfying project. The one thing that’s kept me from making more traditional (heirloom) clocks is moldings. Yours look wonderful!

    So, I stick to boats which have no moldings, no straight lines, and no dovetails.

    Great dresser! Does Noelle have a step stool to gain access to the top drawers, or is that the next project?

  2. woodworker2 Says:

    Beautiful work! I can tell you that I truly appreciate the detail since I made the same dresser for my daughter, I think about 2006. Made a headboard (last year) and blanket chest (this year) to match. The only difference I had for the dresser is my wife wanted wooden pulls on the drawers. My 6 yr old daughter still has trouble reaching the top drawers, but just stands on her bed.

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