Natural Edged Bowl

I purchased a small lathe (Jet 1220) recently, and made my first natural edged bowl.  The wood is spalted oak cut from a downed tree on my co-worker’s property in North Carolina; I helped him cut it up and we shared the wood (he is a turner as well).

I sure I used the wrong tools and techniques as I am very new to turning, but the wood was nice enough that it didn’t matter.  One of these days I will learn the right way to make these.

I love the spalting.

My wife likes the bowl as well; that makes it easier to buy more lathe tools!


3 Responses to “Natural Edged Bowl”

  1. Slippery Says:

    She’s a beaut! Well done!

    It’s quite hard to retain the bark on a natural edge bowl, so whatever your technique you can feel good about it! Second you’ll be surprised how much harder that oak is to turn after just a few months drying in the shop.

    Green turning is a great experience!

  2. kludge Says:

    Are you a WNutter? I don’t recall seeing that bowl in the turning forum.

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