Stickley No. 634 Table Build: Part 6

The table has been finished for a long time now; I apologise for taking so long to post the finished pictures.   I have a slow internet connection (about the only drawback to living in the country that I know of), but mostly I just procrastinated.

Above is the table with no leaf.  It seats up to six people.

With only one 22″ wide leaf added it can seat 10 people!  The racetrack shape is more efficient than a square shape (you can’t seat people at the corners of a square table).  The ability to seat this many people is a real wife pleaser.  The dimensions of the table also give you plenty of room for dishes in the middle.

The pegged through tenon was easier than expected and turned out well.

I love the proportions of the table.

The top was attached with homemade wooden buttons to allow for wood movement (22 in all; I went a little overboard).  I had to tighten up on them after I brought the table into the house; the wood dried slightly and shrank just enough to make the buttons a little too loose.  My workshop is not climate controlled.  Wood in equilibrium in my shop averages 11 percent; in the house it averages 8 percent.

Until I built this table I never knew there was such an animal as curly quarter-sawn white oak.  I don’t know how well it shows in the picture above, but some of the oak had a little curl in it.

The morning  sun brings out the ray flecks.  Beautiful!  My wife catches me admiring the grain sometimes (she thinks I’m weird).  Some people see God through nature; I see His handiwork through beautiful grain.


2 Responses to “Stickley No. 634 Table Build: Part 6”

  1. Drew Says:

    Looks great! What did you finish it with?

  2. amosswogger Says:

    I finished it with:
    1. Watco Danish Oil (Natural with a little bit of Dark Walnut and Golden Oak mixed in)
    2. 4 coats of Satin Arm-R-Seal

    Thank you for the compliment.

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