Stickley No. 634 Table Build: Part 5

I have skipped alot of steps; for some time I was too much into a work flow to stop and take pictures.

This picture shows the table aprons being cut apart so the table can be expanded to accept a leaf.  I decided it would be easier to clamp and glue the table up as one solid unit; then cut it apart into two halves.

I wanted the thinnest kerf possible, so I used a Japanese flush cut hand saw.  I love flush cut saws, they are my most used hand saws in the shop.   The saw is guided by the two blocks you see clamped on. It’s hard to see, but I have low friction tape between the blocks and the saw blade.  This worked out well; giving me a precise thin cut.


Here is the table after the aprons were cut.





8 Responses to “Stickley No. 634 Table Build: Part 5”

  1. Joe Rock Says:

    Table looking great, thinking of building one myself, any further progress?

    Keep up the great work!


    • amosswogger Says:

      The table is actually done, I just need to update the blog. If you decide to build one, let me know if you have any specific questions. There are a few things I would have done differently.

  2. Joe Rock Says:

    First off, Congrats on finishing the table! Secondly, I would love to see pics of the completed table. Maybe you could send some pics via email? Also, I would appreciate hearing your comments regarding the items you would do differently as I do plan to build this table. I think I will order the plans this week from the source you used. Thank you!

  3. Joe Rock Says:

    Hi Amos,

    Just checking in to see some pics of the finished table.
    Please feel free to email me pics if you don’t have time to upload w/comments and such.

    joe at joeandchristy dot com

    thank you,


    • amosswogger Says:

      Joe, I’m sorry I’m so late in posting. I have a tempermental internet connection which can make loading pictures difficult (also, of more importance, I am a procrastinator). They are coming, I promise!

  4. Joe Rock Says:

    No worries, I’m just excited to see the finished project! I plan to start the same project soon. A few weeks ago I found a large white oak tree that had been removed from a deep wooded lot, I was able to get 3 logs from this tree, 2 logs – 10’6″ and 1 log – 8’6″ in length. Very nice find! My sawyer cut the logs last week, the butt log yielded some amazing 5/4 heavily ray flecked boards. I can’t wait to get started once the boards are dry. I’ll watch for your post and thanks for your reply!

    • amosswogger Says:

      Joe, I posted pictures of the finished table. I’m sorry for taking so long.
      I excited you got so much wood. It was smart to cut it 5/4. That is an amazing amount of wood of found. How are you drying it?

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