Stickley No. 634 Table Build: Part 1

In accordance with my Supreme Commander’s Directive No. 1, I am building a dining room table and chairs.  The table needs to be round, expandable, and very strong and durable.  It must also be a simple style to fit in with our simple home.  This means Craftsman style.  Stickley’s No. 634 table fits the bill perfectly.  The center pedestal splits to allow for expansion.


I purchased dimensioned drawings from Mr. Bob Lang (Editor at Popular Woodworking Magazine).  They were well worth the price; very professionially done.  They don’t tell you how to build the table, but they give all the dimensions you will need along with expanded portions of the drawings for critical joints.

I started with the four outer legs, which are 3 1/2 ” square, which means hollow legs.  I experimented with beveling the edges of the four sides of test pieces and using biscuit  joints for alignment . . .


. . . but I was quickly reminded how much I hate cutting miters.  The slightest imperfection on the bevel face shows up as a gap at the ends.  I got some pretty good results, but they were not perfect.  Since I strive for perfection (but constantly fail) I moved on to method #2.

I ran across this idea on Woodnet, and gave it a try.  I rough cut a rabbit with the table saw, cleaned it up at the router table . . .




. . .clamped the four sides together…


. . .  and it came out great.  The non-rabbitted sides were left slighly proud so clamping pressure could be applied to them.  The legs came out perfectly square (which I don’t think would be case with beveled edges).  After the legs are planned down on all four sides, and a bevel is cut on the edges, the seam will be hidden.

Next up:  bent form laminations.


2 Responses to “Stickley No. 634 Table Build: Part 1”

  1. Scott Says:

    Amos, nice technique on the legs. Looking forward to seeing the laminate bending jig in use.

  2. Paskal D. Says:

    good job man i really like what you did there ! nice of you to share some of your tricks

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