Desktop Organizer

This is a desktop organizer I made for my wife so she can replace our current cheap plastic one.  This my own design.  I used Sketch-Up, a great design tool.  My first attempt at designing an organizer was pathetic; it resembled our toaster.  Somehow the curves on my toaster made their way into the design, so once I realized that I scraped the drawing.  My second attempt was much better.  I like how the asymmetrical drawers came out.







2 Responses to “Desktop Organizer”

  1. Tom Fidgen Says:

    Just stumbled on your site and wanted to say your work is great! I really like this piece, I’m in the design process of a similar design. I love the cut-away drawer sides, nice touch. Good to connect, happy wood shavings.

  2. amosswogger Says:

    Thanks Tom. I’m really looking forward to your book. I appreciate the way you incorporate hand tools in your projects.

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